How to Use GorillaPro® Threadlockers

The cause of industrial mechanical failures often comes down to one thing: a simple loose fastener. Threadlockers are a great anaerobic technology that work reliably to protect against this type of failure.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand the factors involved in choosing the correct threadlocker, and which GorillaPro product works for your project.

Threadlockers 101

Threadlockers are used to lock, seal and protect your threaded assemblies against corrosion, vibration and galling. They maximize efficiency and minimize the need for machinery maintenance in your facility. 

There are blue and red threadlockers: blue is for medium-strength protection and red is for high-strength protection. Blue threadlockers are the standard, but if your assembly is susceptible to high levels of vibration and shock, you need to go with a red threadlocker. GorillaPro threadlockers come in both strengths for various application needs.

GorillaPro Threadlockers: 

Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker

GorillaPro AT75 is suitable for applications where disassembly with hand tools is required for servicing. It prevents rust and corrosion and has excellent resistance to extremely harsh environments. 

LT High Strength Red Threadlocker

GorillaPro AT160 is designed for larger threaded fasteners that are up to 1” in diameter. It is suitable for more heavy-duty applications where there are high levels of shock and vibration. It, too, prevents rust and corrosion and is suitable for use in harsh environments.

This formula of threadlocker is recommended where permanent adhesion is needed. In order to disassemble it, you may need heat.

High Strength Red Threadlocker

GorillaPro AT150 is designed to prevent the loosening of threaded fasteners that are smaller than 1”. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications where there are high levels of shock and vibration. 

This threadlocker formula is also recommended where permanent adhesion is needed and may need heat to disassemble, but the difference is in the size of the fastener present.

Medium Strength Blue Gel Threadlocker

GorillaPro AT60GEL is a single-component, blue medium-strength, threadlocking gel adhesive. Because it is gel, it provides a ‘no mess application’ with no drips, mess or waste, for applications where disassembly by hand tools is required. The zero-clog nozzle ensures ease of dispensing to minimize downtime.

High Strength Red Gel Threadlocker

GorillaPro AT105GEL is a single-component, red high-strength threadlocking gel adhesive. Because this is also a gel application, there is no mess, drips or waste. The difference is in the formula. This formula is recommended where permanent adhesion is needed. It may require heat to be disassembled. It also comes in a gel pump bottle with a zero-clog nozzle for ease of dispensing.

Benefits of the GorillaPro Threadlockers

There are multiple benefits to utilizing GorillaPro threadlockers. The medium strength blue threadlockers offer you protection but make it possible to disassemble with hand tools when needed. 

The red threadlockers are perfect for high-strength assembly needs where you won’t need to remove any pieces when servicing. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about loose fastening due to shock, vibration, rust or corrosion buildup due to humidity, high moisture and harsh chemical reactions. 

The gel formulas offer a no-mess application. The plastic, no-stick nozzles prevent the typical adhesive buildup that is often seen in traditional metal pin nozzles. If your application is overhead or vertical, the gel won’t run or drip.

How to Use GorillaPro Threadlockers

All the threadlocker options also come with different color-coded labeling and caps to make it easy to distinguish between them.

In order to apply the threadlockers, you first need to remove all the dirt and oil present. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and have personal protective equipment on to avoid any contact with your eyes, skin or clothing.

Then, apply the anaerobic to mating surfaces and assemble parts. The product should be applied in enough quantity to fill all of the engaged threads or gaps. The threadlocker performs best in thin bond gaps.

Within an hour, you will have a strong seal and ultra protection. When you are done, make sure to store the threadlocker in a cool, dry place with no direct sunlight.

Want to learn more about threadlockers and other plumbing solutions? Check out the GorillaPro Threadlocker product offerings and find out where to buy.