GorillaPro® Pipe Sealant and Gasket Maker FAQ

What is the difference between pipe dope and anaerobic pipe sealant?

A pipe dope is just Teflon fragments and oil. It is primarily a lubricant that allows extra turns and fitting tapered pipe threads together more tightly. GorillaPro anaerobic pipe sealant with fine particles of TFE is not only a better lubricant, but a true sealer as it forms a solid plastic barrier in the thread way. It forms an instant low-pressure seal, with a high burst pressure after curing and still allows for easy dis-assembly of the pipe.


What is a formed in place gasket?

An anaerobic gasket maker hardens to form a “formed in place” plastic gasket between rigid metal surfaces. The liquid or gel monomer cures inside the flange joint to become a solid polymer plastic gasket.