GorillaPro® Anti-Seize FAQ

What is anti-seize?

Anti-Seize is a compound blending a variety of metallic materials and a thick oil or grease carrier. The primary purpose is the stop rust and corrosion and allow easier assembly and disassembly of fasteners and other metal parts. GorillaPro Anti-Seize products are premium-grade and formulated with a large amount of metal flakes and a thick lithium soap grease. This professional grade formulation allows for greater reliability in harsh environments and critical applications.


Why are there different kinds of anti-seize lubricants?

There are many different metallic and non- metallic blends for different applications. GorillaPro offers two of the most popular formulations; copper/graphite based NSCU and nickel/graphite NSNI.


When should I use NSCU or NSNI?

NSCU (copper based) anti-seize is a great “go to” product for general purpose applications. For applications requiring the highest temperature protection, or when there is an extreme caustic chemical environment, use the NSNI (nickel based).


Why use anti-seize for torqueing values?

A lubricated torque calculation is the more accurate method to measure proper installation tensions for fasteners. Anti-seize is commonly used to achieve lubricated K nut factor values when tightening nuts and bolts when repairing machinery.


Can’t I just use a grease to protect my parts?

Professional grade greases or lubricating oils can be great to resist friction and increase functionality of equipment. The metal flakes help hold the grease in place and to form an oxidation layer to protect the surfaces below from rusting, pitting and cracking. These professional grade formulas contain elements which assist in preventing the rusting/galling/galvanic action of your metals. Greases and oils do not contain these elements.