Urethane vs. Epoxy: Which Is Best?

The range of available adhesives can make choosing the best product a tough one, especially if you need a product that makes your repair or maintenance work more efficient. Deciding between a urethane vs. an epoxy adhesive can sometimes be tricky, which is why we are comparing the two types - so that everyone can understand their strengths, weaknesses and the solutions they provide. 

Let’s take a look at both types of products.

Urethane vs. Epoxy

Urethane and epoxy adhesives both work well for maintenance jobs and repairs. They’re known for handling those quick fixes on the job site when time is of the essence. 

Urethane is used in manufacturing and production because it works well, and it works fast. “Like epoxies, these adhesives cure by the combination of a resin and a hardener,” according to Manufacturing.net. “Their primary use is to repair conveyor belts and other damaged rubber equipment quickly and easily.” 

Urethane adhesives are a versatile solution for machinery and manufacturing applications: They’re flexible and can withstand extremes like contraction and expansion. 

Epoxies are strong adhesive products that feature heat and chemical-resistance — perfect around production equipment. Epoxies are engineered to be drilled or machined when fully cured.

Epoxies are also water-resistant, stand up to heat and other chemicals, and work well for substrates that are difficult to bond. They are very effective for filling large gaps. These reliable adhesives also offer mechanical and electrical insulating properties to your application. 

The Best Adhesives for Your Job

Urethane and epoxies are available to professionals who need adhesive products that truly perform to a high level. Urethane can be brush-applied, troweled or cast, and its rubber-like features can help you protect your most critical operating equipment from damage from abrasion or corrosion. Epoxies prevent adjoining surfaces from shifting because they provide such exceptional adhesive strength. 

The GorillaPro® product line offers a menu of epoxy and urethane products: adhesives that give your applications a dependable, strong bond … even in the most demanding applications. These epoxy and urethane adhesives offer professionals:

  • A fast setting time when productivity matters.
  • Reliability in a few applications including most metal, plastic, wood, stone and rubber.
  • Chemical, heat and abrasion resistance.
  • A product that stands up to weight and force over time.
  • Long-lasting repairs that mean less work for your team.

Epoxies and urethanes will permanently bond with almost any material, from metals to engineered thermoplastics, which makes them a popular choice in manufacturing and production, when dependable and cost-effective solutions are needed most.

Better Products for Your Project

GorillaPro urethanes and epoxies are designed to perform to the highest expectations. Three products are available for your next repair and come in packets with two pouches (or DOUBLE/BUBBLE®) for  portability and easy application. 

Fast Setting Urethane - PU5

This product is used on critical repair projects and for bonding thermoplastics, metal, laminated surfaces, leather and stone. Because GorillaPro PU5 is a fast-setting product, it’s perfect for repairs where every minute matters.

Extra Fast Setting Epoxy - EP3

The amber-colored epoxy is your go-to and has a fast work time of three to five minutes. It can cure at room temperature and is used for repairs, fixturing and bonding. It can be used for wire tacking and holds up very well on metal to metal bonding.

Non-Sag Fast Setting Epoxy - EP5

Used for sealing, filling gaps and tacking, this sag-resistant, white-colored epoxy bonds to all types of materials, including other epoxies, wood, glass and stone. It is great for a substrate with a variable bond line or anything on the vertical.

All of the GorillaPro adhesive materials are tested to the highest standards and strength requirements. This ensures they’ll keep your equipment running for years and will stand up to wear and tear effectively. 

Strong Solutions for Long-Term Performance

Keep your equipment running smoothly and ensure productivity when you choose adhesives that are more dependable. GorillaPro urethane and epoxy adhesives will help you make repairs more quickly and your machinery more reliable. 

Make your next equipment repair one you won’t need to repeat. Check out the adhesive solutions that the GorillaPro product line offers or find out where you can pick up your supplies today